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Zone IDName
204Seat of the First Bow

Patch : 2.0
Map : f1e4(Map ID : 68)
SizeFactor : 800
Offset X : 0 Y : 0
Fair Skies (100%)
BG Path : ffxiv/fst_f1/evt/f1e4/level/f1e4
Fixed Time : -1
Can Use Mount? : False
Can Use Stealth? : False
Can Search for PC? : True
Is PVP Zone? : False
sounds : (0)
enpcs : (8)
lights : (18)
vfxs : (0)
sharedgroups : (0)
fates : (0)
envsets : (0)
treasures : (0)
popranges : (1)
exitranges : (0)
mapranges : (1)
currents : (0)
eobjs : (1)
envlocations : (1)
eventranges : (0)
collisionboxs : (0)
linevfxs : (0)
clientpaths : (0)
targetmarkers : (0)
chairs : (11)
prefetchranges : (0)
fishingspots : (0)
adventures : (0)
bnpc : (0)
gathering : (0)

Latest Updates:

  • 16/07/2021 - Most* items are now linked to the lodestone if you hover over them.
    This was thanks to a user suggestion and I appreciate the challenge!
  • 10/07/2021 - A Selection list of BNPC's have now been added: Thank you to a user from google forms for the suggestion.